It's Not a Competition: Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding

There are people out there that want to board their pets and people out there that want to have their pets pet sat. While the need is the same the people are different. I do not think of pet boarding facilities or doggy daycares as competition. The mentality of our clients is different.

There are advantages to pet sitting vs pet boarding but that isn't for this post. This post is about how pet sitting and pet boarding can work together to take care of the entire animal community.

When I get a call and someone tells me their pet needs constant attention or someone always there with them that is a pet boarding client. For pet sitting the most, it is possible for a business to be there with the pet is an overnight and a couple visits during the day. We can get the dog out every four hours and someone will be with them overnight but it isn't constant monitoring.

The inverse of this is when I pet boarding facility gets a pet that doesn't get along with the other boarders or doesn't do well away from their home. My dog came home from boarding having lost his voice, and a hound dog that can't howl is a pathetic thing indeed. We felt so bad we've never boarded him since. He doesn't do well being taken somewhere other than his home.

Pet boarding and pet sitting are complementary services, not competition. I try and recommend a pet boarding facility every time I get a call where the person has either mistaken us for a boarding facility or their pet would do better in one. We have heard that most local pet boarding and doggy daycare facilities do view us as competition competing for the same market share, but that is not the case. As I said previously the mentality of the clients is different.

The pet community is best served when all in the pet care industry work together to serve all pets. As long as I can help a person I talk to with their pet care needs I feel as if I have done my job whether it is servicing them ourselves, referring them to another pet sitting company, or referring them to a pet boarding facility. We work to serve the best interest of the pet.

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