Hurray For Cats

Whenever the pet sitting industry is brought up or discussed a common question we get is, "Do you service cats as well?" With cats being the second most popular pet in this country the answer should be obvious, but think about how much advertising and education is spent on dogs. This isn't just for the pet sitting industry but for the pet industry as a whole.

Cats are thought of as somehow completely different than dogs when they are far more alike than most realize. The care of cats is very different but the learning style and daily needs are very similar. Just like dogs cats need human interaction. There are cats that might seem like they don't want it but they do. My cat is currently sitting on the opposite side of this room staring at me. There are very few moments when my cat is not with one of the members of our household.

When it comes to the care of cats we always recommend daily visits and not only because we believe cats like to have people around, but also because cats can be more independent than dogs. With independence comes risk and some of the situations we've seen highlight this. We've seen cats lock themselves in closets, get wrapped in wires, close the door to their litter box, and turn on the gas stove.

Cats are fantastic companion animals. There is nothing like sitting down and having a warm, soft, fuzzy ball of fur sit on your lap to enjoy some time with you. It is one of the great pleasures in life. Cats might not get the attention that dogs do in the pet care world but that doesn't mean they deserve less care. Cats are special and unique creatures and it has been my pleasure to get to know a good many of them through the years and I count many cats among some of my best friends to this day.

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