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Garage Door Safety for Pets

How often do we think about garage door safety and our pets? It's not often. It might not even be something we think about at all until we see a tragic story in the local news or in a neighborhood social media group. We probably don't think about our garage door that much at all unless something goes wrong, and when you combine something going wrong with a garage door and your pet that is where the real danger lies.

The first thing to understand about pet safety and garage doors is garage doors aren't that different from people. They wear down with age. That can create a real danger when the springs get old and you are someone that has become accustom to leaving your garage door cracked so your dog or cat has access to the garage and the yard. As the spring grow old they wear down and eventually won't be able to hold the weight of a partially opened garage door any longer and one day the garage door will come crashing to the ground. This is an insurance claim under normal circumstances and a tragedy if your pet happens to be under the garage door at the time it fails.

Other scenarios for accidents involve racing a closing garage door only to learn that the sensors have failed or that your miniature toy poodle isn't tall enough to trigger the seniors, but I am going to assume anyone reading this is smart enough not to be racing a garage door. Finally it is a good idea to check the top of the garage door for your cat before opening it. We all know cats love being up high and fitting where people think they shouldn't be able to. The top of a garage door or on top of the garage door machinery is a perfect place for a cat to show off and we wouldn't want them to be up their once the garage door starts opening.

Garage doors last longer than a lot of other parts of our homes but they don't last forever. Like people they wear out and if you feel your garage door is starting to show its age then please give our friend, Shannon Muncy a shout, visit percisionvirginia.com and ask to speak to Shannon.

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