Five Summer Activities in and Around Virginia Beach

We all know living in Virginia Beach in the summer time is a different experience than the rest of the year but just because tourists flock to this area in the summer time and our favorite restaurants go from no wait to well over an hour wait doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy all there is to do in the summer here. Below is a list of five fun summer activities you can do in and around Virginia Beach.

  1. Go on a winery, brewery, or take a wine tour-- With four wineries in Virginia Beach and several breweries you don't have to travel far for your agrotourism but if you'd like to do something a little more involved, and not have to drive, then check out Fruits and Roots Wine Tours which combines 18th century history with wine on an all inclusive trip through historic Virginia.

  2. Join a boat club-- There is a lot of water in this area and spending a day out on it is fun but it is also expensive. They say the two best days of your life are the day you buy your boat and the day you sell your boat. Instead of buying a boat in the first place you could join Freedom Boat Club of Hampton Roads and enjoy the benefits of boat ownership without any of the hassle.

  3. Play golf-- I'm not much of a golfer myself (much prefer the miniature version) but if I were I'd be eager to get out on many of the courses we have in Virginia Beach. The Signature with its beach like sand traps looks like 5 over par hole to me but for an experienced golfer it could provide a fun challenge and then there's Heron's Ridge, Honey Bee where you can see bald eagles while spending a day on the links, Hell's Point where Washington Nationals 1B Ryan Zimmerman used to work, and many others.

  4. Take a day trip to the Historic Triangle-- Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown Battlefield, and Jamestown are all a short drive up 64 from here. All are rife with history and can be full day events in there own right and that's not even mentioning Busch Gardens and Water Country USA.

  5. Spend a day on the beach-- We do live in Virginia Beach after all. Many of us locals seem to forget at times that the beach is even over there and we do get a discount on parking if we use a city garage or lot and parking at the north end is free if you can get there early enough to snag one of those spots.

That's just a small sample of things to do in this area. I didn't even mention the restaurants, state parks, wildlife preserves, and farmers markets. Of course while you're doing all this you'll need someone to watch your pets and as always we're more than happy to.

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