How it Felt to Be Our Own Customer

Before we left for our vacation to Nashville and Memphis I wrote on Facebook all my worries. Despite the fact that we've been pet sitters since 2009 I have never personally used a pet sitting service for an extended vacation. The main reason is we've never had a chance to take an extended vacation together. When I'd travel with my friend Danny to go watch baseball Lara would be at home and when Lara would travel for horse events I'd be at home. Since moving to Virginia Beach and starting our own business in 2015 we've obviously been very busy and so having the opportunity to take a vacation was something new to us.

We went through all the steps that our own clients go through. We had Kim come over and we went through all the instruction on how we care for our pets and the times they're used to being out, for how long, and how long between visits is normal for them. Of course after the meet and greet Sandy needed to have surgery on her teeth and was now on a bunch of meds. We left detailed instructions for Kim with a printed out medicine schedule so that she knew when to give Sandy what and we had her come and do a trial walk for Riley as he has separation anxiety and has been known to refuse to leave with people that are not Lara or myself in the past.

Everything went well and the vacation was on. We ate lots of good food and saw all sorts of sites during our time in Nashville and Memphis. Despite all the fun we were having we did miss our pets as I'm certain you do when you travel. As time went on Kim's messages and pictures became a highlight of our vacation and we looked forward to seeing them every morning and reading the updates on our pets. As the vacation wore on and we'd seen most of what there was to see we greatly appreciated the afternoon and evening messages as well. We worried about Bagheera as he can be a devil at times and has lots of energy to get out. We knew that three visits a day wouldn't be enough for him but sometimes my being home for an entire evening isn't enough either and any pet sitting situation is only a temporary change to their overall routine.

As a side note and to give an example of Bagheera's energy level last night he was rolling a golf ball on the kitchen floor and would start it rolling in one direction, sprint out of the kitchen and jump on the back of the couch to then pounce on the golf ball and send it rolling in the other direction. This went on for roughly 30 minutes before he climbed in his cat tree and took a nap. For that good buddy no amount of play is ever enough and he will find plenty of ways to entertain himself.

The overall impression that I was left with is we are very lucky to have Kim and to use the Time to Pet software. They both made our experience a heck of a lot better and the frequent updates were fantastic. I also need to work on the amount of pictures I send and the details of my notes, but I'm not so certain having employees that are better at the job than me is necessarily a bad thing. Having been a customer of ours and knowing what worries people face before heading out of town and knowing the joys they experience seeing their pets and getting our updates while they are out of town can only make me better at my job. I will also add that I am going to miss eating fried chicken and BBQ for every meal. I know I can easily head to Whitner's for BBQ or BoBo's Fine Chicken for fried chicken but it just isn't the same as having multiple places that can do it at that level easily accessible, but it is good to b back in the land of fried oysters and hush puppies.

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