• David Huzzard

The Personality of Pets

A good dog out on a walk with a stick

As a dog or cat owner you already understand that your pet is special. As pet sitters/dog walkers we come in contact with so many pets and get to experience all the different personality types that exist in our furry friends.

Every single pet is special and unique but there are some personality traits that are common among breeds or species. For example the inquisitive nature of beagles or the famous never surrender bulldog mentality. Genetics isn't all there is to a pet's personality however and they all have their unique quirks that make them individuals.

As a pet sitting/dog walking company we take care of hundreds of pets a week and getting to see all their unique personalities and build a relationship with them is what makes this job great. We value the relationships we build and are always looking forward to meeting new pet friends to add to our schedule.

If you have a pet with a unique personality we'd love to hear about him or her. Please contact us and tell us about your pet.

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