Most Beneficial Super Powers for a Pet Sitter

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with Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War is currently tearing up the theaters and setting records, the trailer for Luke Cage season 2 just dropped, and the DC universe still trying to make movies super powers are all the rage. While super strength and speed might be good for saving the world they wouldn't be the most ideal powers for a pet sitter. So what powers would help out in our lives helping to care for your pets? While I can't say for certain I've come up with three that I think would be pretty neat.

1. The Ability to Freeze Time

This is an ability I've wished for on a lot of mornings when the alarm has gone off. I'd just like to freeze time for an hour or two so I can get a little more sleep, and after giving it lots of thought I think that's the perfect use for this power as a pet sitter. Just imagine trying to use it differently. You freeze time while taking a dog for a walk and then end up with an angry message from a client saying you didn't walk their dog for the full 30 minutes because their cameras only showed you arriving, turning right around, and leaving if they even picked you up at all. And who's to say the dog would be unstuck in time during the walk. At this point you might be thinking, "OK David it's not good to use that power during the job but would about traveling between pet sits?" I thought about this as well and think about all the post apocalyptic TV shows and how hard it is to get from point A to point B when none of the other cars on the road are moving. No, this power would best be used for recovery or to get office work done. This would be a power to use to get some extra rest, take an afternoon nap, eat a good healthy lunch, or just catch up on all the TV you miss working from sun up to sun down.

2. Teleportation and Phasing Through Walls

You might think it is cheating to list two powers together but they go hand in hand. Teleportation isn't very useful if you can't phase throw walls as well. Nightcrawler can teleport only to places he can see because he can't risk getting stuck in a wall. While that type of teleportation can be handy in a fight it isn't useful when trying to get across town instantaneously. You can't risk teleporting 10 to 15 miles away only to get sliced in half by a wall and then be unable to complete your pet sitting duties for the day. You have to be able to teleport to the house and then enter like a normal person as to not freak out the pets and see to their care safely and efficiently. The greatest benefit of this power would be it would completely eliminate travel time and allow us to cover a much larger radius.

3. Cloning

Let's face it hiring is hard. It is perhaps the biggest challenge any business faces but pet sitting and dog walking are also fighting a perception battle. Let's take my current state of existence where I've been working visits in the teens for most of the last three months. I just spent ten days doing overnights and when I returned home I had trouble sleeping because my pets missed me so bad and had to sleep on top of me. Instead of having to rely on others to maintain the reputation I've built for my business it would be great if I could just split off multiples of myself to do the work with me. I've always felt my independence, time management, memory, and attention to detail have made me uniquely qualified for this job and the best thing for myself and the company would just be to have more of me to do it.

While we don't actually have super powers beyond our care and compassion for animals it would be nice to have a couple of the above listed powers to help out in our daily lives as pet sitters and dog walkers. A few runners up were flying, super speed, and the ability to talk to animals. While these all would be great powers to have and would help us be better pet sitters we're already pretty good without them. If you'd like to find out more about the pet sitting powers we do have feel free to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.

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