Three TV Shows that Should be Remade with Pet Sitters

Remaking, re-imagining, and straight up reviving TV shows is all the rage these days. So what are a few TV shows that should be remade but with a pet sitter as the main character.

Quantum Leap

My number one pick is the show that was my favorite when I was a kid. I remember either staying up late to watch Quantum Leap or setting the VCR to record it. The best part about the show was how much it could change from episode to episode but the dynamic of the friendship between Sam and Al never changed.

How would this show work with a pet sitter? Imagine a dystopian future where pets are no more due to a mysterious plague and Dr. Samuel Becket invents the quantum accelerator to travel back in time and find the source. Just like the original show something goes wrong and he's trapped travel within his own lifetime setting right what once went wrong but it is all pet and animal care related.

Have Gun Will Travel

San Francisco 1875. The Carlton Hotel. Headquarters of Paladin. Like Dragnet and Gunsmoke a radio show before it was a television show, but entertaining no matter how you consume it. The story of Paladin, gun for hire, in the old west. The typical western gunfighter Paladin didn't draw his gun unless it was in self defense and he worked to defend the defenseless and help those most in need.

Re-imagined with a pet sitter as the main star the title would be modified to Have Leash Will Travel about a lone pet sitter helping the pets and pet owners most in need. Those that have been wronged by those that play pet sitter on the on demand apps or dogs with special needs that no one else can help. Paladin's services were always in high demand and he traveled all over the west. In the modern world this would likely end up as a reality show on the Animal Planet about a pet sitter that travels the globe working in French Villas, Irish Castles, Hollywood Mansions, and Italian Estates. Fiction or reality this would be a fun show to see remade with a pet sitter.


An antiques dealer that had lived for over 400 years. Duncan MacLeod or the clan MacLeod was one of the few immortals on Earth. The premise of the show and the movies was that there could be only one and that they were to fight to bring about the quickening and the only way to kill an immortal was to take their head. None of this is all that important as it was essentially a detective show that ended in a sword fight at the end with a few flashbacks on how Duncan and whatever immortal he had to kill had had run ins before either as best friends or bitter enemies.

This one is the simplest of simple changes. Duncan is no longer an antiques dealer but is now a pet sitter. Shows like this were characters have a regular job and a secret identity hardly ever show the regular job but wouldn't it be fun to have to watch Duncan at a meet and greet explain that he has a two hour window because he may get caught in traffic, have to deal with an emergency at a previous client, or get into a sword fight and need to behead someone before walking the dogs.

I am certain there are plenty of other shows that could be remade with pet sitters in the main role but these are my top three for now.

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