Cat or Snuggle Monster

Our cat sitting on the couch curled up into a ball

I often wonder if we own a cat or something else. Bagheera at night hardly ever settles for more than an hour or two and when we are both at home he wishes to give equal time laying on top of us. He does prefer Lara and she doesn't shift and move during the night but I will often wake up to a cat between my legs or on my chest. That is just the night time routine.

When I walk in the door after finishing my mid-days I am greeted by all our pet friends. Riley and Bagheera are at the door and Sandy peeks up from the couch. If it is late enough Riley will ask for food and Sandy will follow. If it is not that time or they have already been fed Bagheera will either run ahead of me up the stairs or follow closely behind me. Once we are upstairs he stalks me. He follows and meows and herds me towards the couch until I sit down. He then promptly jumps into my lap from some snuggles. How long he holds me hostage there is directly related to how long I've been gone and how busy I've been in general.

When snuggling with the snuggle monster it is unwise to move. I have leaned forward to grab a TV remote or other object off the coffee table and that is when Bagheera will bolt away in disgust. When the snuggle monster wants to snuggle your full attention must be on the snuggle monster and if it isn't they will enter play mode and your foo will be the main target. In these instances when I have dared to move during a snuggle with the snuggle monster Bagheera has quit the couch, or at least the surface of it, in favor of hiding under the couch and stalking my feet. Any sudden foot movement is met with a quick and decisive assault. Depending on Bagheera's excitement level depends on if the claws or out or not. He is generally very good about not playing with his claws but sometimes he gets too caught up in the moment and we get stuck.

Of all this could have been avoided if we had only given all of our attention to the snuggle monster because after all those are our duties. We are the dutiful servants of the cat. We offer him wet and dry food, clean his litter, and give him attention when he demands attention. If anyone has ever wondered who's in charge of their household themselves or the pets just ask yourself who's the one that works all day in service to the other. That's right. Your pets are your overlords. Now get back to work so you can afford that new toy for Nibbles.

We have no cat in this house. Bagheera is a full blown snuggle monster. He hunts snuggles at night and stalks them through the day. He lures us into a trance like state with his soft fur and warm body where we do nothing but hold him and pet him for hours.

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