Tips for a Fun Dog Walk

A Boston Terrier enjoying a dog walk with her dog walker

Going for a walk with your dog on a nice Spring day can be a relaxing and fun experience. For your dog it is a great time to enjoy being outside and time with their best friend. For you it is much the same. But dog walks can become more of a chore than a fun adventure with a friend so here are a few tips to have a fun and exciting walk with your dog.

1. Make the walk the primary focus

This one isn't as straight forward as it seems. If a dog needs to go potty on a walk they're going to go potty and you should let them. This is more of a mindset issue. While it is possible to let a dog out into a secured area to go potty and then take them for a walk afterwards most of us don't want to do that. This is where the mental state of dog walking comes in. The primary focus should be on being outside and enjoying each other's company while walking aren't the neighborhood or out on a trail. When the dog goes potty stop and wait for them and then pick up after them. The focus though is not on the task of going potty it is instead on the enjoyment of being outside, enjoying each other's company, and getting some exercise.

2. Have multiple routes

Variety is the spice of life but as a dog walker I like to know how long something is going to take and I am certain when you're casually walking your dog you'd also like to know when you're going to be home so you can start dinner or do whatever other household activities you have planned for the evening. When I am contracted to provide a 30 minute walk for a client I like to test out multiple routes. After about a week I will have two or three routes that I know take about 30 minutes to complete. This way myself and the dogs don't get bored going for the same walk every single day but at the same time we know how long we are going to be outside walking.

3. Let your dog be a dog

Part of taking your dog outside for a dog walk is doggy enrichment, and that isn't limited to their time with you and enjoyment of your company. That includes sniff time and marking time if they're into that. Dogs experience the world through their sense of smell and they leave behind their scent for other dogs to experience. For dogs their urine is like us posting on social media. Dog's want to know who on their Next Door page is complaining about wild packs of teenagers as much as we do.

4. Invest in training

Whether this is an investment of your own time or a monetary one investing in dog training to teach your dog to walk calmly on a loose leash will help you both enjoy the walk much more. There is nothing worse than walking a wild dog that wants to pull in all direction, explore every scent trail, and chase every bit of movement they see. Working on basic leash skills with your dog will help you both enjoy each other's company on a walk that much more and will help the walk to be a calm meditative experience.

These are just a few ways to enjoy your dog's company while getting them the exercise and enrichment of a walk. If you'd like a mid-day dog walk for your dog then feel free to contact us and we will arrange a time for a free consultation with one of our dog walkers to discuss how our mid-day dog walking services can help you and your dog.

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