The Professional Dog Walker's Guide to the Best Dog Walking Equipment

For pet sitting and dog walking we typically use the equipment the pet owner provides and what the pet is familiar and comfortable with. With that being said there is equipment we do prefer to use and think is optimal for a pet's safety and well being. A good and relaxing dog walk all starts with the proper equipment. Here is what we recommend as the best equipment to have a safe and fun walk with your dog.

Freedom Harness for dog walking

The Freedom and Balance Harness

We will start off with the Freedom Harness which can be purchased from Amazon. It is a comfortable fitting harness that can be hooked in the front or on the back. The front hook helps with pulling and the back hook creates pressure like a Thunder Shirt that can help with dogs that get anxious. Dogs can be walked using either the front or back hooks or both. The Balance Harness is similar in its design and versatility and an overall better product than the Freedom Harness but also costs a little more. At the end of the day you can't go wrong with either harness and they will keep your dog safe and secure on walks and can't be slipped out of like a head collar and can help manage pulling and anxiety on walks.

Martingale Collar

While harnesses are better for walks they aren't perfect for every dog and they aren't ideal for dog tags. We like the Martingale collar because it is more difficult to become loose and slip over a dog's head. A lot of people like their dogs to wear loose collars but it is a very bad idea to walk a dog with a collar that is not properly fitted. That is the advantage of the Martingale. It can be worn loose when not on a walk and when on a walk will tighten and not slip off over a dog's head when on a walk.

A Comfortable Leash

A couple weekends back I was walking a dog on a traditional flat leash and my hands were getting cut up. It was then and there that I decided that I needed my own leash like my slip lead but for dogs that had a proper fitting collar or harness. Having a leash that is comfortable, versatile, and sturdy is just as important as the equipment on the other end. This is your connection to the dog and you want the walk to be a pleasant experience for the both of you.

With this equipment you are now ready to walk your dog like a professional. Go out there and explore. Follow your nose and wander the wilderness with your best friend, and if you don't have time to walk your dog or if your dog would prefer an extra walk or two during the day give us a call.

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