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As in home pet care professionals it is important that we have an understanding of animal behavior. We walk dogs and pet sit for cats on a daily basis. If we didn't understand animal behavior we'd be pretty bad at this job and even worse at training our staff. It is important for us to have a knowledge base to wok from so here are the books I've been reading to help me to understand our pet friends just a little bit better. Each picture will be a hyperlink and for the synopsis of each book simply follow the link to Amazon. Sorry for not giving more of a book review but this week is loaded with pet sitting and dog walking to be done and time is short.

Jean Donaldson's Culture Clash. One of the many books we've read that have made us better pet sitters/dog walkers

Karen Pryor's Don't Shoot the Dog. A book that explains the foundation of learning that helps us with dog training

Nicholas Dodman's Pets on the Couch an excellent book on how pet behavior is linked to medical conditions

Sy Montgomery and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas bring us Tamed and Untamed a book about the human relationship with animals and how they're not much different than us

Dr. Sophia Yin helps us to further understand dog behavior and the latest science behind it

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