Principles of Pet Sitting: The Pets Come First

A dog sits waiting to be leashed up for a dog walk

The pets coming first might seem like it goes without saying but there are a lot of different training philosophies out there and while we have done our research and ascribe more to positive reinforcement we also understand that not everyone does. What it means for us is we won't turn away clients that use a shock or prong collars but that we also won't use them while we care for the pet. It also means that when a pet in our care is no longer wanted by their family we assist them in helping to rehome the pet to assure they go to a good home.

You might think it strange that someone that cared enough for their pet to hire a pet sitter/dog walker would rehome their pet but it has happened on occasion. one instance was the client's daughter could not learn how to behave around dogs and there was one minor incident and the owner was worried about more major ones. She knew and understood it had nothing to do with the dogs but that if her daughter couldn't learn how to respect the dog's space there were going to be further issues.

The second instance I view as one of our biggest failings and one we were sadly unable to assist in. By the time we found out the clients were thinking of rehoming their dog she was already as the SPCA. It is one of the main reasons I am writing these blog posts and why I view it as part of my business and marketing plan to educate the general public because what the dog did was nothing a normal dog wouldn't do. The dog was surrendered for snapping at the vet. Of course being poked and prodded with needles is going to upset a dog and they are going to make their feelings known. My only thought is who was this vet and why didn't they help to educate the clients at the time of the incident?

This is why our goal is to be partners in pet care. Caring for another creature's life and well being isn't always easy. Owning a companion animal is very rewarding but comes with a lot of responsibilities. When you hire us you don't just get a pet sitter or dog walker that stops by when you're out of town or busy at work. When you hire us you also get all of our knowledge and experience. We are here to assist our clients in all the challenges pet ownership can bring, and the services and knowledge we don't have we can use our network of local veterinarians and dog trainers to provide.

Our duty as in home pet care specialist is to provide peace of mind with our pet sitting and dog walking services and we do that by putting the pets first. It goes along with our core values of open communication and building relationships. We work to love, trust, and understand the animals in our care and communicate to our clients whenever we see that their pets have any sort of issue. Take for example Lara's recent diagnoses of an eye ulcer in a Golden Retriever in her care. She noticed the eye issue and reported it to the client and their vet confirmed.

Our first and primary guiding principle is that the pets com first. We are partners in pet care and always want what is best for you and your pets. When someone calls us and we can't help them with services we offer we always try an recommend a place that can. That is why we send plenty of business to local doggy daycares, boarding facilities, and have people that provide live-in pet care and at home boarding in our network. These are all services people have called us asking for and we always want to be able to help even if it isn't with our service because we want the pets to be well taken care of and we know that will be done by one of our trusted referrals and it is all part of putting the pets needs first.

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