The Mental Stimulation a Mid-Day Dog Walk Provides

A lot of my advertising a social posts include the phrase that I've made the title of this post but what does it mean? What mental stimulation does a mid-day dog walk provide? The answer really is quite simple and can be understood by the most fascinating feature of dogs.

A dog's sense of smell is one of the wonders of nature. For more information please check out this 2010 article from PBS by Peter Tyson, but to sum up a dog's sens of smell is anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 times greater than ours. The above article uses the analogy of vision and says it would be like if we could see an object 3,000 miles away as we could see 1/3 of a mile away or if we equate it to taste that we could taste a teaspoon of sugar as well in two Olympic size swimming pools as we could in our morning cup of coffee.

Not only is a dog's sense of smell one of the marvels of nature it is how they see the world and how they communicate with each other. Have you ever observed your dog sniffing and then peeing on car tires of cars parked on the side of the road? This is like your dog reading an e-mail or getting a post from a long distance pen pal and writing a reply. Dogs learn about the world immediate to them and far away through their sense of smell. A friend could travel down from Boston in the car they park on the street and your dog could learn through their sense of smell about the goings on of dogs in that distant neighborhood. They can also learn all about what happened last night in your neighborhood. Mid-day dog walks give your dog the time to learn all about what has been happening in your neighborhood. What critters have run across your yard, what your neighbor is feeding their dog, and where other dogs have found to be a safe and reliable place to relieve themselves.

Dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose and the part of the brain dedicated to smells is 40 times greater than ours. With that much of their brain dedicated to deciphering smells a mid-day dog walk is the perfect way to mentally stimulate your dog. They get to go out and learn what has happened in the neighborhood since their morning walk and if you didn't have time to give your dog a dog walk before rushing off to work they also get to learn what happened overnight and follow all the smells of the critters that have been out.

We've had mid-day dog walking clients tell us their dogs know exactly when we are supposed to arrive and miss us on days they stay home from work because they have observed their dogs sitting by the door or getting excited when it is the time when we should be arriving. How do your dogs know this? It is because of their amazing sense of smell. Recently scientists have determined that a dog can tell time be the sent decay and know when it is time for a person they are familiar with to arrive. For a long time people have called time a social construct of humanity but in reality time is the measurement of the rotation of the earth on its axis and around the sun. We measure time through light and changing seasons of the year whereas dogs measure time through their sense of smell.

You dog looking forward to your dog walker's arrival is just another amazing thing their sense of smell can accomplish and another way a mid-day dog walk adds mental stimulation. Dog's love learning, problem solving, and reading the neighborhood gossip. They may communicate and sense the world completely different than we do but if we can start to understand how they see the world we understand they aren't that much different than us. They are motivated by the same things and imagine if you were at home all day and weren't allowed to watch TV, surf the internet, or read a book. Things would get pretty boring pretty quick. A mid-day dog walk for a dog is like a daytime soap opera. They get to go outside and read all the neighborhood gossip and entertainment news instead of being cooped up in their home, and that is the mental stimulation a mid-day dog walk provides.

If you'd like to learn more about how we operate and the types of mid-day dog walking packages and services we have available please contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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