Braving the Blizzard

No one knows exactly what the weather back home is going to be like when they head out of town for their vacation. If bad or horrid or once in a generation weather hits their pets could be stuck at home and that is why we take our job very seriously. It is our duty to make certain the pets get seen. Obviously we stay safe and know our clients would understand if we had to miss a visit because we felt our lives would be in danger but Lara grew up in Northern Maryland along the Pennsylvania border and went to college in the Delaware Valley in Pennsylvania, the same valley that is home to Valley Forge from American Revolution history, and I went to college in Rockingham County, Virginia and once drove over Afton Mountain in the snow. In other words we can handle our vehicles in the snow. The problem with driving in the snow isn't with the roads or the weather conditions but it is with the other people on the road.

Now with this blizzard raging around us and knowing there are animals counting on us it is hard not to take our job seriously. We've already stared down a hurricane and won and faced tougher blizzard when we lived in Fairfax County but the problem is Virginia Beach isn't equipped to handle anything of this magnitude and the roads are not good. That being said we are going to complete our visits and we are going to document every bit of it.

Someone might think we're crazy for this but what better way to show how much we care for our pet friends and clients than by visiting them when no sane person would and showing this fact to the world. The best marketing is completely organic and genuine. We have a rare opportunity today to both show our current clients how much we care and attract knew clients by showing them how much we care about our current clients. Some people might think my promotion of this as a marketing strategy makes it less than genuine but it is my excitement about this marketing opportunity that is going to embolden me to face down this weather.

Our reputation is very serious to me and I want to continue to build on it. The difference between a professional and an amateur is a professional shows up. Part of my marketing approach on social media is to tell our story and part of that is the dedication we have to the animals entrusted in our care. I dread the day I don't show up because that means I'm either critically injured or dead. I want our clients to know they can count on us and that we will always be where we say we are going to be when we say we will.

With all that being said today has been a marketing bonanza. We've gotten a ton of engagement on our photos and videos and one of our photos got picked up for use by a national publication, hopefully they credit us. I am trying to tweet to news people to let them know we're out and I'm liking and commenting on a slew of pictures of dogs in the snow on Instagram to attempt to grab attention there. I am worried about going back out for mid-days and evening visits, but we've made it through worse and we will continue to push on until we no longer can. We love helping people and pets and being their for the pets while their people are out of town.

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