We offer Mid-day Dog Walks, Pet Sitting, Cat Sitting, Cat Play Sessions, Overnight Stays, Pet Taxi, House Sitting, Barn Sitting, & more!

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Cat Sitting and, Horse & Farm Services


As your partners in pet care our pet sitting, dog walking, and cat sitting services are personalized to your pet's needs. We offer a variety of services ranging from the traditional pet sitting, dog walking, and cat sitting all the way to farm sitting and wedding dog handling. We can even consult you and help to guide you through the challenges of pet ownership. Our pet sitting, dog walking, and cat sitting services are available for all pets of any shape or size. 

Pet Sitting

Whether you want a once a day drop in to refill the cats food and empty the litter or you want a full 12 hour overnight stay and two mid-day visits to make certain your pet is never alone for more than four hours at a time we can do it. Our level of care is personalized to your pet. All pets are difference and require different levels of care. Our flexibility and versatility allow us to care for pets large and small. If you can tame it we can take care of it. Schedule a complimentary meet and greet to learn more and to go over your pet's unique needs.  

Dog Walking

Have a long commute or work long or odd hours? Worry no longer about feeling guilty while the dog sits at home. Schedule a walk for your dog and we can get them the exercise and mental stimulation they deserve while you take care of the work at your office. Make your commute home stress free no longer wondering if you are going to walk into a mess at home because the dog has been stuck indoors too long. With our mid-day dog walks your dog will be able to get outside and you'll be able to get out of worrying on your ride home.

Cat Sitting

Your cat doesn't want to be caged. They want to stay in their home in an environment they are comfortable with. Our cat sitting services provide you the opportunity to give your cat what they want and don't worry we've been at this a long time and have lots of experience dealing with any type of cat personality. We've had loving furballs that want stritches and scratches, hissing felines, and even invisacats. We love them all and have experience with all types of medicine up to an including sub-q fluids.

Cat Play Sessions

Dogs aren't the only ones that get lonesome while you're busy at work. Kitties need loving too and if you have a cat like some I've met a 15, 20, or 30 minute play session in the middle of the afternoon could go a long way towards giving you a relaxing evening when you get home.

And don't worry about the litter box. Just like we clean up after dogs on their walk we will see to it that you return home to a cleaner litter box. This service is also great for cats that are on medications that require they be given every 6 to 8 hours. 

Overnight Stays

For people who want their pets to experience a more full service pet sitting option. Stable Hands Pet Care and Services will provide a pet sitter to stay in the home with your pet overnight so they have the familiar feeling of someone being with them and don't have to be alone during the lonely hours of the night. This service is not just for pampered pets but is an important service offered for pets with anxiety or health issues who need just a bit of extra attention. 

Pet Taxi

Want to come home to a freshly groomed or bathed pet or simply can’t take the time off work to get your pet out to the veterinarian, groomer, or dog park. Our pet taxi service allows for you to stick to your schedule while we make certain your pet doesn’t miss their appointments.

House Sitting

The chores don’t stop when you go out of town. Mail needs to be brought in, trashcans taken to the curb, lights and blinds rotated. Just because you don't have a pet doesn't mean you can't use our services. Don't worry about your security while you're out of town. Have us stop in a few times a week to help your home look lived in.  

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